How Many Miles Before Oil Change

Do you take care of the health of your body? Yes, it goes without saying. Do you take care of your family? Yes, Of Course, what a stupid question it is. Do you take care of your car’s health? Now, what would you say? Yes, we can find some mixed responses in the answers of this question.

Definitely, there will be people who love their car more than anything does, but on the other hand, there are also many people who just love driving a lot but not taking care of their car. We would like to tell you that it can be fatal if you will not take proper care of the vehicle.

Especially, changing the oil of your car timely is one of the most important processes that you must follow. But do you know when you should change the oil or how many miles before the oil change? Why you should change your oil or what kind of oil should you use in your car so that you can get the best out of your car?

We know that all these questions will be running through your mind.

Therefore, to answer all these questions, we have presented a superb article that will explain to you all the important factors that are needed to be considered when next time you will change the oil of your car.

Why Oil Is So Important?

When it comes to the routine maintenance of your car, changing the oil of your car is one process you cannot miss to perform. Moreover, changing the oil extremely inexpensive service. However, do not underestimate the power oil because of its low cost as it plays a very important and multifaceted role in the proper functioning of your entire engine.

Therefore, spending a little amount of money on the oil change can help you in the prevention of fatal accidents that may occur and also in the large bucks that you may have to spend if you will not change your car’s oil on time.

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What Is The Role Of Oil?

Before looking into the other aspects, let us understand what exactly the role of oil is. If we dive into the technical aspects of the functioning of the engine and the oil, we will see that the oil provides support in the proper functioning of three key processes inside the internal combustion engine.

First, it helps in keeping the engine components working smoothly altogether for longer times, without causing any breakage or hindrance in the processes. The second key role that oil plays are inside the engine. There is a place called the ‘Combustion Chamber’ where thousands of controlled detonation processes take place every single minute.

So, this place is extremely hot, and here comes the oil in the picture. The primary role of the oil here is to carry the heat with it out of the combustion chamber. The third and most important role of the oil is to prevent the accumulation of numerous types of varnishes and carbon inside the combustion chamber and in the engine.

So, these are some of the very important roles that this low-cost oil performs and it helps in the proper and smooth functioning of the engine.

What Type Of Oil Should You Use?

Because of the advancements in technology, many varieties of oil are present in the market. However, every vehicle is unique and has its own requirement. Therefore, it is advisable that you should know what particular oil is good for your car and the proper functioning of its engine.

Please do not worry, as finding the right type of oil for your vehicle is not as difficult as you are expecting. Just grab your car owner’s manual and start searching for the right type of oil that your car requires. The viscosity is the main factor while selecting the right oil for your car and hence, your car owner’s manual should inform you about the viscosity of the oil that your car requires.

You can easily find the exact amount of viscosity of your car by looking at the expression that looks something like this – 5W-30. If you are not able to find such an expression, the other option to check for the viscosity is to check your oil reservoir cap that is on the engine itself. You can find the viscosity being stamped on the oil reservoir cap. The majority of common people who are not technically sound may also refer to viscosity as the ‘Thickness of the Fluid.’

While searching for oil, viscosity is not the only factor that you must look for. According to the American Petroleum Institute, certified oil is one, which is based on the criteria determined by the oil producers, engine builders, and automakers. Whichever oil meets the standards, receives the API Certification Mark, which you can easily see in the container of oil.

When Should You Change The Oil Of Your Car?

In general, the oil change is recommended when either your car has covered a certain mileage of the time limit. The most common answer to this question is that you must change your oil when either your car has traveled around 3000 km or covered the three months time limit. However, how to decide between the km and time limit?

According to the majority of experts, you must trust your odometer and not the calendar. The reason is that your driving has a greater influence on the engine oil rather than the time limit. For example, if your car is still for more than three months there is no point in changing the oil.

So, this was all about the oil-changing requirements of your car. Please take care of your car to avoid any fatal accidents.

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